Staining is a challenging undertaking requiring a different set of skills from painting. Staining is permanent so care must be taken. Stain adds beautiful color enhancing the natural state of wood to match the colors or wood tones in your home. Stain changes the color and highlights the grain pattern of nature’s product. The professionals of Triple A Painting have years of staining experience giving our customers confidence in the outcome.

Whether using oil-based or water-based staining products, exterior and interior surfaces have different requirements. It is important to know your woods. Softwoods such as pine, fir and cedar react differently to stain as opposed to hardwoods like oak, beech, ash, elm, birch or walnut. Hardwoods may require more coats for the desired results.

Choosing the proper stain depends on whether you wish to reveal or conceal. Tp choose the right stain, you must determine the desired balance of color and protection which is known as opacity. Stains types include solid, semi-solid,semi-transparent, wood toned and clear. The experts at Triple A Painting will help you select the proper product for your staining needs.

As usual, preparation is the key for a successful outcome. Triple A Painting carefully sands and cleans the surfaces making sure the wood is free from any debris. The stain is then generously applied evenly with one continuous movement across the wood, going with the grain. We wait between coats for the wood to absorb the stain–the longer the wait, the darker the outcome. Final drying takes six to eight hours. Stain only provides a color, not a finish so we do a final finish coat to preserve and protect the wood.

We treat and stain all wood surfaces including cabinets, veneers, floors, sidings and even concrete. Using only quality products, Triple A Painting is the choice for quality workmanship, every time.