Color Consultation

With fifteen years experience, the professionals of Triple A Painting offer expert paint and color consultation. We represent Sherwin-Williams, Rodda Paints and The Miller Painting Company giving us access to thousands of colors from which to choose. Working with homeowners, property managers, architects and designers, we take the mystery from color coordination to provide stylish and tasteful painting solutions.

Often our customers need only a little design direction to fulfill their vision. Our advice is offered as another set of eyes based on knowledge from years of experience. We show you options you may not have considered, discuss the color choices that will remain fresh looking throughout the years and recommend that you live with the samples for a few days. Lighting is the key so we present how the colors will look at different times of day and with natural light or evening lamps.

Triple A Painting knows that the right trim and proper accent colors gives a room a sophisticated look. We also create custom, artistic murals and many different Faux finishes for unique and special decorative results.

Exterior projects have different considerations. Materials like stucco, brick, cedar shake shingles, wood siding or vinyl siding absorb the paint in different ways. We recommend observing paint samples over several days, at different times of the day, with different weather conditions. Colors look differently in full sun as opposed to overcast days. One of our specialities is researching and choosing historic colors for traditional, older homes to match their original character.

Triple A Painting brings life and creativity to your painting projects promising beautiful results. We make selecting paint colors easy eliminating your frustration, avoiding the cost of repainting and saving endless trips to the paint store. We assist you in designing your hope to suite your taste, style and budget.