Exterior Painting

Painting the outside of your home or other buildings presents specific problems. Different surfaces such as wood, brick, aluminum or vinyl siding demand different solutions. Other considerations include preparation and repair of exterior surfaces, color choices and even the climate. Triple A Painting’s experience guarantees our customer’s satisfaction.

Like any painting or remodeling job, detailed preparation is key for a successful outcome. Triple A Painting carefully cleans the surfaces, removing chipped paint and mildew so paint can be evenly applied for the best results. Any required repairs, such as window caulking or damaged siding, is addressed, and the proper primer applied. If the previous paint was before 1978 it may contain lead. Triple A Painting will address that concern.

Time of year and color choices are also important. Outside painting is restricted by climate, temperature and moisture, so a stretch of dry, warm weather is optimal. Fortunately, with advances in paint technology, some premium paints can be applied in temperatures as low as 40 degrees fahrenheit.

Unlike interior paint jobs where, if unsatisfied, a wall can be easily repainted, the wrong color on the outside of a house is a major problem. Triple A Painting helps you select the proper colors that fit your neighborhood and provides a fresh and unique look to your dwelling.

Choose Triple A Painting for your exterior needs and enjoy the new life your home will enjoy.